GEMMS Celebrates 10 Years of Service

In May of 2002 while Arthur Andersen began shutting down and most Andersen employees began moving to other Big 4 firms and clients of Andersen, James Smith developed a better idea.  James believed we could offer a better service at a better rate.  With that idea James Smith opened Global Executive ManageMent Solutions in May of 2002.  A few months later Jennifer Chapman and Chuck Heyde saw the genius of James Smith’s idea and joined GEMMS.

With Jennifer providing International Payroll and Chuck providing Expatriate and Inpatriate Tax, James, who already provided International Human Resource solutions,  now had a complete one stop shop to provide all your international US tax solutions.

Over the years, GEMMS has developed and continually refines an top notch group of affiliated companies (similar to the Big 4 affiliated companies) around the world to help with all your worldwide tax services.  Today GEMMS can not only provide expatriate tax and consulting services directly to the individual expatriate, inpatriate, and missionaries around the world, GEMMS also provides the same type services (equalization, hypo, gross up, consulting, etc) provided by the Big 4 accounting firms to Corporate Client’s international assignees – but at a much better rate.

While a lot has changed over the past 10 years, our rates have not.  We started in May of 2002 with an hourly rate of $150.  Today our rate is only $200/hr which is still substantially less than the first year staff at any one of the Final 4 accounting firms.  So we continue bragging today that at GEMMS you receive an experienced Manager level associate at the Big 4 Staff level rates.

Thank you for 10 great years and we are already looking forward to the next 10.